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Barrier gate Tol Gate

Kebutuhan Parkir
Gerbang parkir atau Palang parkir (Barrier Gate) merupakan perlengkapan pada gedung parkir maupun pelataran parkir dilengkapi dengan pintu gerbang masuk tempat pengambilan karcis/tanda masuk parkir  demikian juga pada pintu keluar. Pada pintu keluar diperiksa karcis  parkirnya dan besaran biaya yang dikenakan kepada pemarkir serta  pembayarannya.
Portal parkir M Gate (OEM)
palang parkir M Gate (OEM) adalah merk Indonesia yang di rancang Khusus untuk penggunaan yang USER FRIENDLY. Kami meranca mesin Perparkiran atau Palang pintu otomatis M Gate (OEM) berdasarkan kelemahan-kelamahan produk yang di pasarkan di Indonesia dengan nomor Patent M Gate : DID2019059335

Alat parkir M Gate (OEM) terbagi menjadi 3 jenis kriteria:
  • palang pintu kereta M Gate (OEM) seri AC adalah Portal Otomatis yang di design Khusus menggunakan motor AC Dengan type motor 1.8 detik   untuk palang maksimal 3 m, 3 detik untuk palang 4 meter dan 6 detik untuk palang maksimal 6m
  • barrier gate M Gate (OEM) Seri DC motor menggunakan motor DC dengan kecepatan bisa di atur mulai 1.5s-6s (detik)
  • Palang pintu otomatis M Gate (OEM) seri Heavy Duty PMSM dengan Motor servo (PMSM) dengan kecepatan mulai 0.9s-4s Bisa di atur sesuai kebutuhan di lapangan dengan masa pakai bisa melebihi 10 tahun

Model: Barrier Gate M Gate
   Operation time 1.8 S 3 S and 6S   Arm Type Straight Arm: Max 6 meters, Size 45×100mm and 45*80 mm aluminum alloy
Fence Arm: Two or three fence arm, Max 4.5 meters, aluminum alloy
Folding Arm: 90 or 180 degree folding arm, max 5 meters,  aluminum alloy
Galvanized sheet or Cold roll sheets, 2mm thickness, can be heavy duty
Coated with epoxy paint for weatherproof protection
   Size 320*280*935 mm   Spring And Bearing Heat Treatment: more durable, more than 5 million times through operation testing   Rating Power 80W   Rating Voltage AC 220V/110V±10%, 50/60HZ   Remote Control Distance less than 50 meters   Packing Size 1020*375*467mm , strong carton case with cushion
inside with air bubble film for protection
   G.W 75 KG               Application  
Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor parking area at airport, shopping mall,
warehouse,hotel, factories, condominium, car rental companies, etc. It can
also be customized to beused together with any auto-pay ticketing parking
or access control system
1.  Mould production with accurate grinding and heat treatment of worm and  main rod, which is high accuracy, low comsumption and less noises.
2. Arm Reverse Function: Arm will be automatically reverse when it hits obstacles when closing.
3. Arm Swing Out Function: Arm will be swing out when vehicle hits the arm which can avoid further damage to the vehicle.
4. Cooling Fan Device: It will be automatically opened when the motor works in heavy duty and high temperature.
5. Manual Release Cluntch: When loss of power, it can manually open and close the barrier.
6. Sturdy Housing: 2mm thickness cold roll plate or galvanized plate with expoxy paiting, which can be heavy duty.
7. Anti-freezen oil can make our barrier gate working in -45 degree.
8. Spring sleeve can protect the accessories inside the machine case from damaging by spring broken.
9. Module production with all accessories, can be replced easily, and save cost.
10. Pressure spring can avoid damage casued by tention spring, which is more safety.
Barrier Gate M Gate Heavy Duty (Italy Dunker Motor)

Advanced Features
*Excellent waterproof, dust-proof performance, the whole product protection grade is IP65.
* Excellent weather resistance, -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ reliable work, military quality.
* Can work with DC24V battery, can be combined with solar energy, wind power, suitable places lack of AC power.
* Open and close speed is fast, overall increase the vehicle passing rate, shorten the vehicle traffic interval.
* Boom rise automatically when power off, comply with the fire safety requirements.
* Boom detail to anti-collision.
* Long time maintenance-free, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
* The highest level of security, completely avoid smashing cars or smashing people.
* During the course of the movement without any mechanical impact or shock absorption, the highest reliability, the longest service life.
* Boom rising angel adjustable (60°, 70°,80°,90°)
* Direction exchange is easy.
* Free debugging during production and installation, greatly reduce the maintenance and labor costs.
* Advanced servo control system, high speed and precise.
* Low-power servo motor, truly maintenance-free, high durability and energy saving.
* Zero speed (0 rpm) constant torque output, no need worry about external force to lever the boom.
* No position sensor, each stop with the same accuracy. Pair using is fully synchronized.
* No anti-shock rubber, no impact, no bounce, free adjustment.
* No clutch device, boom will auto rise when power off (or unlock when power off, only use hand to lift the boom gently).
* No key-way design, no longer to worry about the gap between the key-way and the key, which is a hidden danger.
* No brake design, no longer to worry about the troubles from the wear of the brake pads and a series of reliability problems.
* Highly reliable industrial-grade sports parts, completely beyond the industry quality.
Product Specifications
Arm Length Max 6M Opening And Closing Time 0.6S,0.9S,3S,4S Rated Voltage AC100V~AC264V,DC24V Frequency 50Hz~60Hz Motor Rated Power 50W,Max 100W/ Jerman Dunker Motor
Working Environment -40 ℃ ~85 ℃ Power Standby≤8W,run≤100W Housing Size(H*W*H*W) 342*312*959*2mm Lifetime More than 10 million operation time or 10 years MTTR <0.5Hrs MTBF >500 million operation times Protection Degree IP65 Relative Humidity ≦ 90% Motorno-load speed 3000r/min Remote Distance ≦ 100m Output Torque 0.86N.M*140=120N.M Running Noise: <60dB Net Weight 42.6KG
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